What is Casein Protein, Best Time To Use Casein in Bodybuilding

What is Casein Protein & Best Time To Use Muscle building?

What Is Casein?

Call it a wonder protein; that is what casein is. Casein is a slow-release protein found in milk and cheese and forms one of two proteins found in these foods. Casein is obtained during milk processing, and it comes across as a by-product that appears as a jelly-like substance that is then used to make protein powder. 

How Is Casein Different From Whey Protein?

Whey protein is something almost all fitness enthusiasts and gym lovers can vouch for, being the complete protein as it houses each of the nine essential amino acids. Both casein and whey protein are dairy-based proteins derived from milk, but there is some glaring difference.

The primary difference between whey protein and casein is that whey is a faster-acting supplement. On the other hand, casein is a slow-releasing protein. It provides a steadier stream of acids and protein supply to stave off muscle breakdown. In contrast, to whey protein that your body rapidly digests whey protein.

5 Reasons to Have & Understand What Casein Is:

Muscle Building

After a long day, when you hit the bed, your body releases the human growth hormone essential for building lean muscle mass. Still, this process requires protein synthesis, which is supported by casein when taken before bedtime. It helps the protein synthesis throughout the night and results in more muscle growth overall. 

Facilitates Fat Loss

Reason: Having more protein helps in weight maintenance, and increasing protein intake might be beneficial for dropping pounds when calories are controlled. Fat loss happens when you are watchful of what you eat, follow a rigorous workout, and include a lot of good protein in your diet. More whey and casein protein are included in the diet to help protect lean mass and promote more fat loss. 

Enhanced Recovery Post-Workouts

Going through a strenuous and vigorous workout would not give you better results if there is no proper nutrition. After a challenging workout, your body needs a high-quality protein supplement that can aid in muscle repair, maintenance, and growth. Casein is the tool that our body needs to support the process of repairing and building muscle. 

Casein has a unique ability to supply protein over multiple hours after a workout, keeping your body protein-positive, and in turn, protecting existing muscle mass and potentially supporting muscle growth. 

Beneficial For Dental Hygiene

Casein has shown remarkable results in improving dental hygiene as it has calcium, phosphate, and hydroxide. It can strengthen tooth enamel against acid erosion and damage and prevent tooth decay bacteria from attaching to teeth to keep cavities at bay. 

With all this, we have understood what casein and its multiple benefits for the body are. Still, we must understand it is to be consumed as a supplement and not as a substitute to a good wholesome, nutritious diet. Now let us have an insight as to what is the best time to take casein protein. 

The Best Time to Take Casein

With SOS, you can get the best casein protein powders with a hundred percent guarantee of genuine premium quality. We can help you choose which casein protein powder shall meet your protein requirements. It is highly recommended to take it with any meal but remember that the body takes more time to digest it than whey protein. So it is best suited to have it When you're not planning to eat anything else for a few good hours. 

You may have protein on any of the following timings.

  • Post-workout- to provide the muscles with instant nutrition required for quick recovery and growth after challenging workouts. 
  • Before Bedtime- take the correct dosage before you hit the bed, as it will keep your body from starving overnight by boosting the body's metabolism throughout the night. 
  • First thing when you wake- as you have not eaten anything for 6-8 hours, it is essential to provide your muscles with some good energy in the morning.
  • Pre-Workout- take it half an hour before the workout as it provides the muscles with the perfect nutrition to go for those challenging workout sessions as efficiently as possible.

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