What is BCAA Benefits of BCAA How to use Complete Guide

The Knockout Performer

Guess we have gotten a winner with BCAA's as this one gives a tough competition to all other supplements, especially whey protein. For the tremendous benefits that come with it, this has undoubtedly found a sweet spot for itself in every gym enthusiast, and athletes supplement cabinet. Let us understand what BCAA is? & What are the benefits of BCAA?


What is BCAA?

Branched Chain Amino Acids, in simple words BCAA's, is essential to the core as this crucial amino acid makes our body re-build and grow new muscles. The total amino acids needed by the body are 20. Out of these, 11 can be manufactured and processed by the body on its own. Still, the other nine essential amino acids the body needs through a diet enriched with BCAAs or supplements sourced from premium quality brands available at Source Of Supplements. BCAAs is a combination of three essential amino acids- isoleucine, valine and leucine.

The latter, leucine, is the main essential amino acid that may help keep healthy skin and bones; it may help control blood sugar; it has almost become a must-have for those trying to increase their muscle growth and have a leaner body mass. Leucine level in the body goes down during exercise and workouts. Thus it requires replenishment through diet to help stimulate further protein synthesis and allow the body to build more muscle. 

Having real- wholesome food rich with animal protein, seafood, and vegetarian food filled with food items like- legumes, soy, whole grains, and nuts is the best way to have all the branched-chain amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine without the need of nourishing it from the supplements. We understand what BCAA is; let's attempt to understand its benefits as to why there is such crazy hype for this essential amino acid. 


Benefits Of BCAAs

Muscle gain happens when there is a positive protein balance in the body. It works as a complete mathematical equation for muscle gain. When the total muscle protein synthesis exceeds muscle protein breakdown, you will be in a positive protein balance and gain muscle mass- MPS>MPB. If the scenario is another way around MPB > MPS, the overall result will be muscle loss.

Having a high protein diet along with a BCAA supplement is a sure shot way to increase your body's muscle protein synthesis(MPS) rates. The heightened synthesis rate will result in a positive protein balance which shall increase the likelihood of muscle gain, which is almost the aim of every bodybuilder. 


Benefits Of BCAA In Bodybuilding

Delayed Fatigue Onset 

How about you hit the gym intending to go long for prolonged hours without giving in to muscle fatigue, but sadly you give up way too early. In such a case, you may blame it on the deficiency of BCAAs. BCAAs have shown positive results by inhibiting the onset of both central and peripheral fatigue during exercise so that you go stronger for longer and get your bodybuilding goals all roaring with energy. 

The peripheral fatigue (when your muscles get tired) is delayed because BCAAs are used as an additional energy source during prolonged exercise. Even after your body has used its glycogen stores, you can pull power from BCAAs in your muscles. 

Central fatigue is when your brain gets tired, which may also be delayed by BCAAs that block the amino acid tryptophan- (this one causes drowsiness) from getting into the brain. 

Immunity System Fortified 

As discussed above, BCAAs are used by the immune cells in the gut. Over there, they act as the fuel source to help the immune system regenerate itself effectively and efficiently and protect the body against harmful pathogens. This protection helps keep the body away from diseases and provides a quicker recovery in case of sickness. For this fast recovery of the immunity system, a 12 gm daily supplementation of BCAA is recommended to bodybuilders who undergo intense training over a long period to improve their immune response.  

Reduces DOMS ( Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness)

We will make it simple and make you feel more excited about having the correct dosage of BCAA in your diet- It shall make you bounce back faster from strenuous workouts. A challenging workout by bodybuilders or gym enthusiasts is bound to give severe DOMS. 

The severity of muscle soreness can be significantly reduced when there is an administration of BCAA in the correct quantity before and after the exercise. Studies have shown that right BCAA intake reduces muscle damage in response to resistance training and endurance exercises

Lean Muscle Protection 

BCAAs are the building blocks of protein synthesis. They have been shown to preserve lean muscle mass under extreme catabolic conditions. During activities such as running ultramarathons, high altitude mountaineering, HIIT, and any challenging workouts, muscle protein breaks down, particularly BCAA breakdown for energy, is increased. When the body is supplemented with additional BCAAs, it is less likely to consume the amino acid (protein) stored in muscles, thus protecting lean muscles.  

Reduced Appetite

High-protein diets give a feeling of satiation that is a feeling of fullness in terms of hunger. The MPS rates increase when you consume enough protein for your health and fitness goals and even supplement the diet with additional BCAAs supplements. 

For the ones training at high altitude, consumption of BCAAs should be all the more encouraged and preferred as it can help fight the effects of a reduced appetite by enhancing the impact of the protein in your meals. There are tremendous benefits of BCAA in bodybuilding; all you want is the right mindset and endurance to sail through your fitness goals and icing over the cake of a chiselled physique. 

When to take BCAAs To Reap The Benefits Of BCAAs

Before and during a workout: You may take it before or while working out to have an energised muscle building workout and prevent or delay muscle fatigue. Studies have shown that muscle fatigue was reduced by 17% when supplemented with BCAAs during a workout.

After a workout:  A challenging workout requires adequate recovery; therefore, it is often recommended to take BCAAs after a workout to manage muscle soreness and when consumed regularly for better performance in further challenging workouts. 

BCAA Dosage:

BCAAs are best taken alongside a meal, and their dose of BCAAs fairly depends on the amount of BCAAs in the meal. However, take it as a general rule 3-5g of BCAA will be sufficient to initiate MPS rates. 


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