Top 10 Best Foods for Weight Gain Quickly

Top 10 Best Foods for Weight Gain Quickly

Lately, the internet has been flooded with everyone asking one question- How To Gain Weight Fast? Yes, gaining weight is scientific and requires mindful eating habits rather than merely hogging on junk food. When complemented with strength training, the best foods for weight gain will give you are desired result of weight gain.

It is good to know that you are trying to gain weight healthily, and you have chosen to read this blog. It shall give you a detailed list of the best foods for weight gain. Weight gain works-

Calorie Consumed > Calorie Burnt

Understandably, weight gain has to be by increasing calories. The point to be noted here is that the calories gained should be from sources rich in nutrients and not just empty nutrients. Healthy weight happens with healthy foods to gain weight. Hogging on highly processed foods like- cheeseburgers, chips, sodas, and all junk foods will lead to weight gain, but it shall be unhealthy.
Excessive consumption of junk and processed foods will eventually lead to obesity and other cardiovascular ailments.

An underweight person shall experience health issues, including:

  • infertility
  • developmental delays
  • a weakened immune system
  • osteoporosis
  • an increased risk of complication during surgery
  • malnutrition

How To Gain Weight Fast?

You gain weight fast when you eat more calories than your body burns. Now it is time to reveal the best foods for weight gain. Your way to gain weight quickly begins now.

Best Foods To Gain Weight

  • Milk

  1. Milk is one of the best foods for weight gain. It comes with healthy calories, proteins, fats, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals—all rich in nutrients to make you gain weight healthily.
  2. If the aim is to gain weight quickly, try going with high-fat varieties with extra calories. It is not only calories but more protein and other valuable nutrients.
  3. Milk is an excellent and versatile food item for gaining weight. You may have it with a morning breakfast of cereals or in the evening in a shake or smoothie or as a late-night drink.
  4. For effective results, it is best to take it post-workout/resistance training workout. Drinking skim milk helped to build muscle more effectively than a soy-based product.
  5. So friends have milk every day and see how it aids in gaining weight fast.

  • Healthy Starches

  1. We understand that we have to boost our calorie intake with healthy foods. Foods rich in starch add bulk to meals, support muscle growth, and eventually increase weight gain.
  2. To include starchy foods in the diet is very easy. Almost all the starchy foods are found in the Indian kitchen, and one can make great dishes to eat at regular intervals.
  3. Choose from a wide variety of starchy foods and see how healthy foods will help you gain the perfect weight.

Starchy foods-

  • oats
  • legumes
  • winter root vegetables
  • sweet potatoes
  • potatoes
  • corn
  • quinoa
  • buckwheat
  • beans
  • squash
  • pasta
  • whole-grain cereals & bread
  • cereal bars
  • Starchy foods make up just over a third of the food we eat. Consuming those foods – like any other – in moderation and the right proportion is not known to have any adverse effects on health. These starchy foods will make the perfect recipe for your days of healthy weight gaining.

  • Protein Supplements

Do you have a weak appetite? Do you think you are taking adequate protein? If not, include protein supplements in your list of healthy foods to gain weight. Protein supplements come in various forms like protein powders, tablets and capsules from multiple renowned brands that act as one of the best foods for weight gain.
Protein supplements do the following-

  • Provide high nutrition with more calories in one scoop
  • Support muscle mass growth & development
  • Increase metabolism rate
  • Promotes anabolic environment

With a good protein supplement, treat yourself with a protein shake or smoothie, and in one go, you get 500-600 calories which are all good for your health.

  • Dark Chocolate

  1. We all love chocolates. They are good to taste and make for a yummy treat.
  2. Dark chocolates make the list of best foods for weight gain because of their high-calorie content.
  3. Healthy foods to gain weight include dark chocolates with more than 70% cocoa content.
  4. Eating ordinary chocolates with high sugar content will cause you unhealthy weight gain.

  • Peanut Butter

  1. Peanut Butter is a healthy snack that will surely help you gain weight fast.
  2. With 2 tbsp) of peanut butter contains 190 calories and 16 g of fat, 21% of a person's recommended daily value of fat.
  3. It contains good fats which keep one healthy and give a feel of feeling fuller for a longer time. Either scoop it from the jar or just spread it on whole-grain bread and make your snack time awesome.

  • Salmon

  1. Tonight the dinner should be salmon and oily fish. They are rich in protein sources, good fats and omega-3 fatty acids are among the most significant. A 150gm salmon provides you-
    Calories- 250
    Healthy fats- 12gms
    High-quality protein-37gms
  2. Salmon has to be among the best weight gain foods for its nutritional value and versatility. You may prepare it anyway- steam, sauté, smoke, grill, bake or poach. So do we see something fish(ing) tonight?

  • Dried fruit

  1. Are you wondering how to gain weight quickly? The answer is to go with high calorie dried fruits. They have plenty of antioxidants with naturally high sugar content. It makes them ideal for weight gain.
  2. There are multiple kinds of dried fruits that one can mix with yogurt, nut butter, rice, cream cheese to make smoothies and healthy desserts.

  • Avocados

  1. Avocados are different in terms of their calorie content. They have a high-calorie value, making them a preferred fruit for healthy weight gain.
  2. Avocados are rich in vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats. Avocados are a versatile fruit and can be used in the kitchen to add in any of the following healthy foods-
  • soups
  • wraps
  • sandwiches
  • fries
  • sushi
  • toppings
    Are you still not adding them to your healthy foods to gain weight?

  • Cheese

  1. Cheese is a super-high calorie food. Try not to have it with your burgers or pizzas. Go with healthier options, like a whole-grain wheat grilled cheese sandwich, whole-wheat cheese pasta, and much more healthy weight gaining food options.
    A cube of cheese (25g) has-
  • Calories 110
  • Protein 7gm

So go cheese all the way!!

  • Eggs

  1. Since our childhood, we have been told to have eggs every day. There are multiple reasons, but the essential reason is that they are the healthiest muscle-building foods on the planet. Include one large egg in your daily weight gain diet to get calories-74g.
  2. Do not skip on the yolk part as it's rich in nutrients. Don't just have one egg in a day but go with an average of three eggs a day to gain weight quickly.
  3. Eggs are the perfect breakfast. You may scramble, boil, or just have the universal way-sunny side up. If you are a bodybuilder or into heavy weight lifting, then you can go up to eating 6 to 8 eggs daily.
  4. Club them in your sandwiches, muffins, pies, or desserts, and you will realize how efficiently and smoothly you gain weight.


The list of healthy foods to gain weight is vast. For anyone who wants to gain weight quickly, be careful of the following-

  • Be patient
  • Stick to high-calorie nutritious foods
  • Say no to processed foods
  • Do resistance training workout 5 times a week
  • Be happy and cheerful at all times.