Natural Ways To Gain Healthy Weight 2022

Gaining The Right Way

How to gain weight healthily? We are here to break the misconception surrounding how to gain weight healthily. It is generally considered that losing weight is a task that requires healthy lifestyle choices & healthy efforts but to gain weight requires hogging on high carb foods. No, take our word on it as it is not the case. Go on and read. 

Being too skinny or underweight is not bliss as such people don't find themselves aesthetically pleasing, and it is true that being underweight is terrible for health. If one is clinically underweight and has a BMI of less than 18.5, it shall be suitable to obtain body mass for optimal health. Weight gain foods and being on a weight gain diet are some of the best ways to gain weight naturally. You got to ensure that the weight gain happens judiciously by simply hogging on empty calories as it will cause more damage than gain. 

How To Gain Weight Healthily?

Before beginning, remember it is a slow process so that the cardiovascular system gets time to adjust accordingly. A rapid weight gain can cause immense strain on the cardiovascular system if there is a rapid weight gain. Dr Kroll, M.D, from Kroll Medical Group in Marlboro, New Jersey, suggests that one must gain around 2-4kg of weight per week for the cardiovascular system to adjust accordingly.

We want you to go natural about gaining weight. So these are the following tips/ ways to do the same. 

Increase The Calorie Intake

It goes without saying that now that you have to gain weight, you shall need a caloric surplus. Before you go on a specific diet, it shall be best if you consult your doctor and evaluate for any of the following defenses-

Vitamin B


If you have any of these nutrient deficiencies, start taking their supplements along with focusing on diet. Now that you have consulted your physician, it is time to focus on gaining weight to add 300 to 500 calories per day above your regular intake. To gain weight healthily, focus on-

  • Whole Proteins
  • Fresh Veggies & Fruits
  • Lean Proteins
  • Adequate Fluid Intake
  • Starchy Vegetables
  • Dry Fruits

You have to say no to unhealthy fats and sugars when trying to gain weight; these foods lead to unhealthy conditions like diabetes, high blood pressure and cardiovascular ailments, and to be honest, they are no good. 

Increase The Protein Intake & Say No To Low-Cal Foods

Protein intake must be enhanced above the level you are currently at. It helps build muscle mass and allows you to satiate your meal requirements with healthier food choices. It is ultimately your choice whether to resort to plant-based protein or animal-based protein. You are doing good by eating healthy foods and saying goodbyes to fatty, fried foods loaded with immense calories but no nutrition. You got to gorge on high-calorie foods that are good for nutrition. Make your dinners a happy, yummy and balanced nutrition one. Go for a high-calorie dinner with fatty fish, like salmon and desserts like pumpkin pies, oatmeal cookies, frozen yoghurts, etc. and hit the bed right away. Weight gain foods with high calories and good nutritional value are healthy options for a slow and steady weight gain. 

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Eat Heavy Before You Sleep

The safest way to gain weight healthily is by eating right before bedtime. Weight gain diet should have foods that repair and regenerate your body when you are asleep. It should provide your body with essential nutrients which help to build lean muscles and tissues. We suggest going for healthy portions of pasta loaded with veggies, chicken breast with fine olive dressings to make your every meal a hearty one. 

Eat Frequently 

Now that you are aiming to gain weight, you have to keep a constant food supply. Do not extend the gap between the meals you eat for more than 3-4 hours. You have to ensure that your body is supplied with energy and nutrients regularly. Avoid erratic eating patterns by making a habit of eating six times a day that makes it eating every three hours. Do not consume heavy snacks so that your meal portions are not compromised. We bet that this tip on gaining weight healthily is bound to give beneficial results. 

Bulk It UP!!

Gain weight by exercising? Yes, you read it right, and you can bulk up those muscles by not running but with strength training. You build more lean muscle with a more toned and slimmer look when you do yoga or weightlifting. Remember that such activities take time, and you do not get results overnight. The best way is to remain composed, have a perfect workout routine and food habits to bring you the best results.