Myths and Facts About Bulking

Myths and Facts About Bulking


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A shout-out by supplements for weight gain for males and females Source Of Supplements out to all the amateurs and professional bodybuilders to bust the 'Bulking' myths. In bodybuilding, bulking is an intensive technique to increase the body's muscle composition with diet alterations significantly. 

It is a commonly used practice in which bodybuilders gradually increase their calorie consumption, and in turn, it exceeds their body's rudimentary caloric requirements. This heavy diet intake is accompanied by a rigorous and intense weight training program. 

Bulking has a two-fold aim-

  • Reduction in fat mass 
  • Increase in the body's muscle composition and 
  • Gain weight 

Bulking is not an exact science as not many experiments and research have been done, leading to certain misconceptions. There is a lot more to 'Bulking', which needs to be known to prevent and curb people from going towards unhealthy dietary and workout practices. 

Let us bust some of the 'Bulking Myths' with the best mass gainers and lean gainers from the supplement source. 

Myth 1: Eating More Is The Way To Bulk - Busted with the Fact

Bulking generally refers to a dietary modification in which the bodybuilders are required to consume way more calories than their bodies need for their daily consumption. Unfortunately, this first phase of 'bulking' goes haywire as many beginners mistake this point as a free pass to eat and indulge in utterly bad eating practices by eating whatever they want. It leads to them gaining a lot of unhealthy weight. 

The fact is - that the excellent muscle gain that is going to come in with your increased caloric consumption, combined with intense resistance workouts.  

Myth 2: Bulking Is The Surest Way To Gain Muscle Definition- Busted with the Fact

At the onset of Bulking, all it helps you do is gain your ideal body weight. There is no muscle definition at this stage; it comes at the second stage called' cutting'.

'Cutting' gradually restricts your calorie intake while you have to continue your intense resistance workout regime to the point that your muscles begin to tone and shape themselves. Persistence to continue for more than six months is likely to give muscle definition via cutting. Give your muscles the extra edge of power with the best supplements for muscle growth and the best amino acid supplements for muscle growth by Source Of Supplements.

Myth 3: Meeting Your Caloric Requirements Is Enough-Busted With The Fact

Increasing your calorie intake seems to be the one-stop solution for your bulking requirements, but you must be mindful of how you feed your body.

For example, intake of highly processed foods rich in refined carbs and saturated fats can increase many health-related problems such as cardiovascular diseases and cancer, even if you are working it off hard at the gym. 

It has scientifically been proved that constant It has also been proven that consumption of these highly processed foods, make it significantly harder for your body to build muscle composition and shed that extra fat. 

Myth 4: Bulking Should Majorly Be Derived From Protein Intake-Busted With The Fact

Bodybuilders new to 'bulking' assume that the additional caloric intake must comprise proteins purely during the first stage.

While it is true that protein consumption is beneficial for muscle building, our body requires complete nutrition from other nutrients as well that are enough to provide the vigour to the body that goes through this process. 

Make it a point to consume rich protein and essential nutrients such as fat and carbohydrates to build muscle. These nutrients go a long way for aiding your body with recovery after exercise.

Myths 5: Bulking Boosts Your Weight Loss-Busted With The Fact 

It is widely assumed that body weight, and body fats are the same things. We have understood that the primary goal of bulking is to lose fat, but one must also remember that it also targets gaining muscle. When you put on extra power, your body fat automatically takes a spike. If you are on the spree of losing weight, several in-home exercises can help your goal. Source Of Supplements provides the best fat-burning supplements, fat burners for men and women, which have received great feedback from our ever-growing clientele. 

Visit our entire range of premium quality mass gainers and fat burners and give us a chance to serve you with the best supplements that will transform your fitness. 

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