Myths and Facts About Bulking

Myths and Facts About Bulking


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A shout-out by supplements for weight gain for males and females Source Of Supplements out to all the amateurs and professional bodybuilders to bust the 'Bulking' myths. In bodybuilding, bulking is an intensive technique to increase the body's muscle composition with diet alterations significantly. 

It is a commonly used practice in which bodybuilders gradually increase their calorie consumption, and in turn, it exceeds their body's rudimentary caloric requirements. This heavy diet intake is accompanied by a rigorous and intense weight training program. 

Bulking has a two-fold aim-

  • Reduction in fat mass 
  • Increase in the body's muscle composition and 
  • Gain weight 

Bulking is not an exact science as not many experiments and research have been done, leading to certain misconceptions. There is a lot more to 'Bulking', which needs to be known to prevent and curb people from going towards unhealthy dietary and workout practices.