How Multivitamin Helps To Keep You Healthy

How Multivitamin Helps To Keep You Healthy

"Hype Or Help"

Being hale and hearty is bliss, to be honest, in today's crazily hectic life. We all run by the clock withstanding extreme stress, tensions because of the chaotic work routines that put time constraints on finding a work-health balance that has almost gone impossible. 

A nourished wholesome diet followed by a regular exercise regime is what is needed for a healthy lifestyle. Good health is an investment whose benefit is reaped utmost in the elderly age. To lead a healthy life, it is imperative to be regular, persistent, and patient with our habit of eating a balanced, wholesome diet along with 4-5 days of rigorous workouts. 

If after doing our level best in maintaining good health, still, some gap is there, thereon lately people have started resorting to multivitamins. But the question is, do vitamin supplements make you healthier, or is it just a hype created by the big brands of health supplements. There is no doubt that, to some extent, multivitamins are beneficial, but the key is never to replace the vitamin and mineral in supplement form with not eating a balanced diet. Always remember that taking the time or devoting time to your health is essential.

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OK!! So we have established that multivitamins are the bridge to fill the nutritional gap but when to take them or which one to take are some of the questions which need to be answered as the health stores with the towering shelves of vitamin and mineral supplements leave an indignant customer overwhelmed

Big names in the nutrition and supplement sector use the best of marketing gimmicks to draw the customers attention towards their supplements and leave the consumer with all great options but pondering over questions like which supplements shall work? How effective are they? What is the time frame for results? Are they worth the money?. 

Our team of nutritionists at Source Of Supplements is here to resolve all your queries, as mentioned above, relating to how multivitamins can help you lead a healthier and life of avoiding chronic ailments. Make it a point that before you bulk buy everything from Vitamin A to Z, remember the golden rule: Always Eat healthy food.


Wholesome food first!

Nutritionists worldwide recommend the value of wholesome and balanced food as its nutritional value is way more than any of the multivitamins one ever has. Healthy food provides a variety of vitamins and minerals and dietary factors that are not found in a vitamin or mineral supplement. 


Supplements- As per Your Choice

Supplements are not a replacement for the goodness derived from a wholesome diet. A balanced diet is a key to getting the best vitamins and minerals, and the crux still lies in that the role of supplements comes when a nutritional gap needs to be bridged. Take supplements only and only when either your health care professional recommends, or you feel on your own to consume multivitamins for some additional nutrition. 

A high-quality supplement sourced from a premium brand available at Source Of Supplements will generally provide almost 100 percent of the daily recommended allowance for all vitamins and minerals. Kris-Etherton said. "Therefore, many nutritionists will agree that a supplement is OK if a healthy food-based diet is not meeting nutrient needs."

How Multivitamin Helps To Keep You Healthy

We have established that daily multivitamins can help provide a good foundation for your health with the above discussion. With a perfect diet, there can be some issues for the body to absorb the nutrients well. 

Multivitamins have the potential to act as a shield to protect the body from the mayhem caused by stress and anxiety, ill effects by lack of exercise, poor sleeping patterns, and the adversities of an unhealthy diet. 

With so many vitamins and mineral combos, we recommend that you go with any health brand's seven essential vitamins and minerals. Knowing what combination of vitamins and minerals to look for when buying multivitamins is quite a cumbersome task.  Our team of experts at Source Of Supplements is at your service. You don't need an advanced degree in nutrition to determine which multivitamins are worth incorporating into your daily regime. 

  • Vitamin D

Ranks number one as the body needs to absorb other nutrients like calcium, essential for bone and tooth health. Its deficiency leads-

Increased chances of getting sick

Issue of acute bone and back pain along with bone density loss.

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is an essential nutrient, meaning that we must get the nutrient from food or supplements as the body cannot manufacture it. 

Great nutrient for energy production

Helps in managing anxiety and stress

Regulate muscle and nerve function

It helps to maintain proper balance blood sugar levels

  • Iron

Iron must be on the list of essential vitamins and minerals. Women need more iron for reasons like menstruation and reproduction. Some of the benefits of iron

Tremendous increased energy

Brain functioning enhanced 

Healthy functioning of red blood 

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  • Folate

Folic acid or folate is abundant in green leafy vegetables and must for an expecting mother to aid in fetus development and prevent congenital disabilities. Other benefits-

Aids In fighting depression

Combating  inflammation

  • Zinc

The level of Zinc in the body starts declining with age and with one more factor of stress. Its main benefit-

Supports our immune system 

Aids in injury healing

It helps our body use carbohydrates, protein, and fat for energy

  • Vitamin B-12

The B-vitamin complex is a magic potion as it is a group of 8 vitamins that create and sustain our body's energy supply by breaking down the micronutrients we consume. 

Vegans or vegetarians are prone to vitamin B-12 deficiency because most food sources, like meat, poultry, fish, and eggs, are animal-based. But each has a specialized role, too. Its benefit-

Keep the body's nerve and blood cells healthy 

An essential part of the formation of DNA

  • Calcium

The entire structure of the human body depends on calcium as it lays the foundation of strong bones. Its benefits-

It is needed for the smooth functioning of the heart, muscles, and nerves.

It protects against cancer, diabetes, and high blood pressure.

The choice is always yours on how you want to nourish and care for your health. With Source Of Supplements, we can assure you that every bottle of multivitamin sourced is authentic and of genuine quality.