Diet Plan for Bodybuilding with Source of Supplements

Keep Calm - Eat Healthily - Feel Awesome

Your body is your prized possession. Make it all the more valuable by taking utmost care of it with the nutrition and physical activity that builds not only your body but gives that boost to your mind. 

Indulge in the sport of Body Building and carve your body proportionately shaped and fit as a fiddle. Unleash the power of Bodybuilding to gain the following advantages:

Overall Bodily Health Improvement 

Reduce the risk of developing coronary heart disease, obesity and high cholesterol.

Bodybuilding with the proper weight training keeps your body and muscle strong and flexible. In addition, it helps to keep osteoporosis and arthritis at bay. 

For the age-old saying, "In a healthy body, lives a healthy mind." This one is a go-getter to start taking stairs over the lift and doing one extra set of those push-ups from today. 

You got the exercise part going well for you. Now it's time to feast your daily self with the proper healthy diet. It is essential to ensure that your nutritional intake comprises lean protein, complex carbs and healthy fats to uplift and maintain your fitness levels. Muscles are built when the nutritional gap is bridged with best lean gainers and lean muscle gainers by the source of supplements 

Source Of Supplements recommend you furnish your everyday diet with the best whey protein powder isolates, protein powders, protein blends. Most importantly, try to source your protein and other essential nutrients from whole foods that are common and integral to an average Indian diet. 

You don't have to burn a hole in your pocket with super expensive supplements. All you have to do is combine wholesome food with simple exercises in your regime to keep you hale and hearty. 

With the superb quality whey blend protein to serve your daily nutritional intake, we still recommend you to opt for some foods that you must incorporate in your daily diet as that will aid.


Protein: Protein is perhaps the essential nutrient required by our body to develop some muscle mass. An excellent measure to consume protein is with the best whey concentrate protein powder from Source of Supplements that would serve nearly two grams of protein per kilogram of your body weight. 

We also recommend you source this protein from whole natural foods with low calorie, low carb, and low-fat content. A few good protein sources include heartily cooked chicken breast cottage cheese, legumes, lentils, and beans. 

Carbs: Carbohydrates are needed to fuel your day with total energy. At the onset of your bodybuilding days, we advise you to consume healthy carbohydrates to fuel your workout.  We recommend that half your nutritional intake must consist of good carbohydrates that keep your body cope up with strenuous activity. Include these excellent sources of carbs such as potatoes, fresh fruits, and whole grains in your daily diet regime. GRAB YOUR CARBS TODAY. 

Fats: Yes, we said it. Fats are good for you. They play a unique role to boost the metabolism of vitamins like E, D, A and K. Nutrition experts from Source of Supplements would advise avid fitness lovers and body enthusiasts to cut down substantially only on saturated and trans fats. You still have to have that healthy spoon of ghee on your roti or in dal to get that 15% to 20% of your daily caloric fat intake. Healthy fats are a must to maintain proper hormone function and boosted metabolism. 

Healthy fats include more than just olive oil. There are several other sources, both for cooking and eating, including:

  • Avocados
  • Olives
  • Dark chocolate
  • Ghee
  • Greek yogurt

Vitamins: Get A-Z of the best multivitamins for men and women in India with Source of Supplements. Your body's vital organs smooth functioning is dependent on vitamins and minerals. 

Essential Vitamins aid in hormone secretion and improve the synthesis of proteins in your body. An excellent way to include Vitamins in your diet would be to consume whole foods such as fresh fruits and vegetables.

We average Indian are accustomed to consuming foods like rice, lentils, bread, and vegetables. These staple foods are wholesome and nutritional. Supplement your diet with the best multivitamins, protein powders, weight gainer supplements, pre-workout supplements, and so much more with Source of Supplements.