Best Supplements to Get Ripped Body

Right Fat & Lean Muscle= Ripped

An aesthetically wow and an attractive body is something everyone craves for in their youth. But why only in youth? Having a good or a ripped physique with no extra fat falling off your body is something we all wish for at all ages of life. Is it not true? The point is hoping for HOW TO GET A RIPPED BODY does not suffice anything. 

You are not going to get a lean body with flukes and trials. There is science behind it which requires your determination and patience to get you that envying ripped body. You gotta work hard for it, sweat out, and yes, take a few other factors into consideration that play a role in defining your goal of having a lean body. 

How To Get A Ripped Body?

Let us just simplify the whole process of how to get a lean body with a mathematical equation-

Reduced Body fat + Higher Muscle Mass= Ripped Body or Muscles

Yes, that is all it takes to build a body that is ripped and chiseled. In this formula, you need to get your muscles visible through the skin because of the significantly lower fat amount in the body.

There are two stages which you have to pass through- 

  • Muscle Gaining with Strength Training & Supplements To Get Ripped
  • Fat Cutting

Before we begin on the process of how to get a lean body, do the following-

Get your body composition analysis test.

  • It is essential to check the percentage of muscle, fat, bone weight and water in the body. The optimum body fat percentage must be between 6% and 10%. It shall tell you exactly how to work through your lean body goal. 
  • Do not aim for a lesser body fat percentage as good fat is needed protecting significant organs and as a source of energy fuel. 
  • Look into your lifestyle habits, food habits, and genetic history. 

All these factors need immediate action, correction and regular- follow-ups to see great effective results. 

How to Lean Body? The Right Way

Here is the process of getting a lean body the right way; all you have to do is follow the process without losing patience and determination along the way. So let us get going-

Muscle Building With Two S's Strength Building & Supplements

Go slow but plan by building a framework for your training and nutritional habits that coincide with your lean body goals. Maximizing muscle building requires heavy training. Training hard does not mean you dead out your muscles after every workout but work progressively on harder challenges. Push your limits but not in a way that leaves you exhausted and discouraged for the coming workouts. The point is to work out daily but with a strategy and not just by adding excessive weights. 

Best Supplements That Get You Ripped 

During a workout, your body uses protein stored in the body for muscles to grow. As muscles grow during the workout, the body gets drained of the protein stores. Thus to avoid this, you need to increase the depleting protein sources with a balanced diet and supplements. A strength training regime will stop giving you the results if you do not supplement the protein reserves. 

You have to provide your body with supplements that support muscle building and recovery at the muscle gaining phase. The supplements to get you all ripped must include the following ingredients and aim for the following-

They all are composed of a unique formulation that supports lean muscle growth, where

Burned calories> Consumed Calories-

  • Increase the number of calories you burn.
  • Enhance the rate of the body's fat-burning processes.
  • Giving you the feeling of being fuller for a longer time in the day. It helps to keep your hunger pangs at a bay. 
  • Decrease the rate of absorption of fat and carbs the amount of fat or carbs you absorb.

Muscle Gainers: Best Recommended Supplements for Muscle Gain

1. BCAADo we need to say more? BCAAs are the powerhouse of energy you need when recovering from these strenuous workouts. You know them since you realized that you are set to have a ripped and lean body. As Rome was not built in a day, so will not your lean muscles. It is a gradual process that needs the edge of BCAAs as they are one of the best supplements to get ripped. 

When To Have BCAAs?

The recommended time is during the workout. We say go with these leading brands of BCAAs for super fantastic results- IN2 BCAA & Scivation Xtend BCAA

2. Whey Protein BlendsGym lovers, bodybuilders, athletes, or fitness enthusiasts who love to have a body that looks ripped and shredded, know how important it is to include supplements with whey protein blends. When you are in the muscle building and maintaining stage, your body craves more protein. At this time, you go to provide your body muscles with PURE PROTEIN that comes with whey protein supplements. 

Whey protein supplements are the best-known supplements that help you get ripped healthily. Every scoop of high-quality whey is a max protein with almost zero fats, carbs and sugars.

Result- supports muscle building, keeps your calorie intake on the lesser side and most importantly, helps in weight loss. 

Whey protein supplements will do their job excellently, but the tough call is to choose between - whey protein concentrate, whey protein hydrolysate, or whey protein isolate? 

Three of them come with their unique formulations, and it is you who has to decide which suits your lean body goals the best way. Here is a summary of their ingredient value-

  • Whey protein concentrate: It is easiest to find, cheaper than others and the most popular. It is almost 80% pure protein and some traces of sugar & fat. It has shown effective health benefits as it has retained the goodness and nutritional value of both macro and micronutrients after manufacturing. 
  • Whey protein hydrolysate: It comes on the higher side of prices. It is either a concentrate or isolates. It has a quick absorption rate. Thus, muscles get the protein faster to recover sooner.
  • Whey protein isolate: is a product of one step further processing and purification of whey concentrate. It is approximately 90% pure protein with 0 carbs & fats. Thus, one supplement will get you ripped with its highest protein content. 

When To Have Whey Protein?

For maximum and faster recovery, take it within one hour of workout, or you can distribute your consumption within the entire day. 

We recommend the following whey protein supplements- Labrada Whey Protein & ON gold standard whey protein

3. Glutamine: Lean Bodybuilding requires amino acids in the right quantity and at the right time. When the question is how to get a ripped body? The answer cannot include one supplement but various others. Glutamine is one amino acid already in the body but is deplete with excessive workouts. It would be best to have it for a boosted muscle growth and recovery rate. 

When to take glutamine?

Take it post-workout but not exceeding 30 minutes of post-workout for best results.

We recommend the following glutamine supplements-IN2 glutamine & Muscletech glutamine. Both are the leading supplements to get you the desired result- Ripped Body!!

Similarly, you have to give your muscles the positive effect of slow-digesting protein- casein. It works on muscle growth when the body is sleeping and fasting. 

4. CaseinCasein is a complete protein and especially a slow-digesting protein that keeps you feeling fuller for a longer period of time. This property of casein boosts muscle growth. When you aim for those chiseled body muscles you gotta watch your calories and your strength regime. Casein helps you to keep unwanted calories at bay by keeping unnecessary carbs off and just increasing your daily protein intake. It also makes your recovery faster after those strength training sessions. All these factors support weight loss and muscle growth.

When to take Casein?

The best time is two hours before you hit your bed.

We recommend the following casein supplements-MY Protein Micellar Casein & Optimum Nutrition ON Casein.

5. Caffeine, Beta-alanine, & Creatine Monohydrate (Pre-workout supplements):  Building energy and endurance during muscle gain requires supplements that contain caffeine, green tea extract, beta-alanine, & creatine monohydrate. Where do you get all these nutrients in one place? With premium-quality pre-workout supplements, you get all these nutrients to set your pace of muscle gaining and not weight gain.

When to take pre-workout supplements?

As the name suggests, take it before 20-30 minutes of your workout. 

We highly recommend you consider taking the leading quality supplements by the most renowned brands- Evogen Nutrition pre-workout & Labrada Supercharge Pre-workout

Muscle gaining is happening, and it is time to cut that devil FAT. Here are the best supplements for cutting fat and getting you ripped. 

1. Fat BurnersTo check the efficiency of fat burners, you cannot rely on them entirely by not taking care of your diet and workout. They support fat loss by helping you curb appetite, use fat stores as fuel for energy, enhance metabolism & energy rate. All these facts shall contribute to weight loss throughout the day in the long run. 

When to take fat burners?

The best time is to take them before the workout. Keep a gap in between & do not take fat burners for more than one month continuously. 

We recommend the following fat burners- 1UP nutrition Pro Ripped Max Fat Burner & One Science Burn Machine Fat Burner

2. L- Carnitine &  L- Arginine: Besides fat burners, you may take the following supplements with  L- Carnitine &  L- Arginine or Nitric Oxide, respectively. 

For L- Carnitine, go with Labrada Liquid Carnitine.

For  L- Arginine or Nitric Oxide, go with IN2 L- Arginine.

L- Carnitine- go for it more if you do not opt for fat burners. It is an amino acid (protein) that helps cut fat without losing muscles. So go with it for a specific duration.

When to take L- Carnitine?

Like fat burner supplements, you gotta take it before the workout.

L- Arginine or Nitric Oxide- Both arginine and nitric oxide serve the same purpose of increasing growth hormones in the blood. They support the proper transportation of all essential nutrients to the muscles and remove metabolic wastes. 

When to take L- Arginine or Nitric Oxide?

Any time before the workout.

Our Final Take on How To Get A Ripped Body?

The best supplements to get a ripped body show excellent results with proper workouts, training schedules, and a balanced diet. But that is not all; you got to take care of the following points too-

  1. Take adequate sleep,
  2. Keep stress and anxiety levels away,
  3. Include multivitamins in your daily diet,
  4. Have fun days too,
  5. Do meditation and yoga,
  6. Talk to your friends and family about your fitness goals,
  7. Increase your water intake,
  8. Most important of all, stay regular and consistent at all times. Keep these three factors on a high level, and soon you will achieve your dream of a lean and ripped body- 

  • Determination &
  • Dedication

We wish our readers a year of robust health!!