Best Pre-workout Supplements For Fat Burning

Burn That Fat With Training & Supplements

How about a magic potion right before a rigorous workout to get a boost of energy and help you burn those extra kilos?

This magic potion is none other than the best pre-workout supplements of unmatchable quality to give that endurance and vigor to your daily workouts. 

The best pre-workout supplements can give tremendous benefits and help you shed that extra weight that stops you from having an hourglass figure and flaunting in on that Instagram page of yours. Give an extra edge to your workouts with a good mix of the best pre-workout supplements. 

Let's be honest; it is quite an impossible task to be in the groove at all times to hit the gym for either HIITs or simple exercises. It is a tedious task to turn up to every workout feeling 100% with all the verve. Sometimes, the thought of exercising makes you feel tired, lethargic, and unmotivated, and you need the buzz to find the best pre-workout supplement, especially for beginners, to alleviate your training lull. 

Take our word for it, as they have the essential ingredients that have the power to give you assured results with the best pre-workout supplements in India. Studies have been conducted to determine the effects of pre-workout supplements, and these are-

  • Increases muscle endurance and
  • Regular consumption speeds up the rate of losing fat and achieving lean body mass.

Go for HIIT workouts with the best pre-workout supplements in India are here to give you knockout performance results. 

We recommend you to get in on the pre-workout action yourself; you'll want to know how to do it safely and smartly. This write-up is the guide to a pre-workout supplement that helps you understand the best pre-workout supplements in India and what should be in a pre-workout to supplement your nutrition for a knockout performance. 


What Does the best pre-workout supplement for beginners do?

The human body is complex machinery in itself. It won't have the optimum energy to run itself if you don't feel it the right way, especially when you prepare it for rigorous and strenuous hard workouts. 

Exercising drains everyone out undoubtedly, but it makes it all weaker and tiring than usual if you are not fueling the most needed nutrition. The best pre-workout supplements in India are designed keeping in view to help you keep going harder and for longer. The supplements are available in various formats —  from shakes, powder to pills. They all have the sole aim to boost energy levels and increase focus.

The general way to have the pre-workout supplements is to mix the powder with water in the dosage mentioned and take around 30 minutes before a workout. Give the shot of espresso or black coffee with a teaspoon of ghee a passe as pre-workout supplements do an excellent job of supplying your body with extra carbohydrates. The glucose in the pre-workout raises blood sugar levels and additional energy to work out. 


Best Pre-Workout Supplements In India

The finest quality of pre-workout supplements are designed to help you cruise through a challenging workout, and it shouldn't be a surprise to learn that they supply your system with other energy-boosting stimulants. 

As a learned and well-informed customer, it pays to read the ingredients label before you invest in a fresh pot of pre-workout. Caffeine is the key ingredient as the content can vary from mild to too much. In extreme cases, high levels of caffeine can cause some pretty severe health issues like anxiety, insomnia, and high blood pressure.

Pre-workout Ingredients To Look Out?

  • Creatine Monohydrate: increases muscle power and performance during training. 
  • BCAAs: improved endurance during a workout and increased strength by maintaining cellular energy and supporting protein synthesis. 
  • Taurine:  increases the metabolism of fats and fights oxidative stress during workouts. 
  • B-vitamins: Vitamins B1, B2 B5, and B6 all play essential roles in energy production and efficiency, while Vitamin B12 supports blood production, and Vitamin B3 boosts DNA repair and promotes healthier skin.
  • NO2-boosters: expand veins and arteries that make blood flow easier around your body-quicker delivery of nutrients. 


Best Pre-workout Supplements In India

To have the pre-workout that gives you what you want at zero harmful effects- SOS is the excellent platform for buying the best pre-workout supplement with a guarantee of genuineness and authenticity of the products. 

  • How do we ensure you get superb quality?

For the international brands, every product of ours is procured directly from the authorized importers of the Brand.

Domestic/Indian Brands: All our products are procured directly from the Brand. Let us give you a look at some of the best pre-workout supplements for beginners- 



1UP Nutrition All-In-One Pre Workout 450gms

You are just not going to get all the nutrition from your diet. With 1UP Nutrition All-In-One Pre Workout, you know what you're paying for as you get the highest quality ingredients dosed in the right proportion. Its significant benefit is-

It is a Pump Volumizer & Endurance Complex that improves Energy, Performance & Focus Complex.

Directions For Consumption

  • 20 mins before exercise and 3 hours before sleep
  • Begin with half a serving and 
  • Mix 10-12oz of water per serving.

Please note that- 

START with half (1/2) scoop per serving until tolerance is reached; shift to a full scoop once tolerance is achieved. Not to be combined with other stimulants such as caffeine. 


Labrada Supercharge PreWorkout

It is a vegetarian product that Provides all the critical nutrients that athletes want to have. 


  • It Contains 750mg L-Citrulline Malate and 1.5g L-arginine per serving that provides muscle pump and energy.
  • It contains L-Theanine & Caffeine that increase power and cognitive performance.
  • It also provides Ashwagandha & zinc could help increase testosterone levels and reduce the stress hormone. 

Dosage & Directions 

Take one scoop in a shaker/container and add 1000ml water (approx.) to reconstitute. Stir well.


ABSN 440 Volt Pre-Workout 33 Servings

We at Source of Supplements assure every customer that every supplement procured from us is safe and suitable for their health. This ABSN 440 volt PWO is a high caffeine formula with Beta-alanine, L–Arginine, and vitamin B3 is here to take off your tiredness and fatigue. Due to caffeine, it is not recommended for children and pregnant women. 440-volt pre-workout contains a mixture of sucralose and acesulfame potassium.  


Dosage and Directions 

For the total efficiency of this supplement and to make your exercise and workouts awesome, take it prior 60-90 minutes before training. 

It is advised not to take it too late in the evening. As this contains caffeine, taking it late in the evening can affect your sleep patterns.

Take one serving/scoop mixed with water. 


As the name suggests gets you back in shape by reducing the water level retained in the body, leading to muscle Definition. It also reduces bloating & swelling, giving you a leaner look. 

Directions & Dosage

It is recommended to take four capsules with 16 oz. of water twice a day, once in the morning and the afternoon. Make sure to drink at least 6 to 8 glasses of water daily.

Everyone has a unique body, and their body burns fat in their due course and time. Choose the best pre-workout supplement with Source Of Supplements and shed that fat the rightest possible way.