Benefits of Pre Workout Supplements | How to Use? | Buy Guide

Zap Up Your Workouts

It seems like the fitness world has discovered a magic potion in the form of pre-workout supplements that are getting raving attention from bodybuilders and gym enthusiasts. Ask an avid fitness lover, and he shall swear by this pre-workout supplement. Social media, especially Instagram, has thousands of pages and posts dedicated to how indispensable & necessary a pre-workout supplement is. Those who are naive and gullible to the world of gymming, bodybuilding often wonder What is a Pre-workout Supplement & what are the benefits of a pre-workout supplement?

What Is A Pre-Workout Supplement?

There was a time when before hitting the gym or doing a strenuous workout, all that you needed to fuel your body was either a banana or a well-toasted bread. That isn't the way currently, and as per the trends on social media, every exerciser wants a challenging workout, and to make it all the better, they choose a well-branded pre-workout supplement.

A 'Pre-workout' is any supplement—majorly sold in powder drink mix but is equally available in the form of capsules, chewable tablets, canned drinks and, if sourced from a high-quality brand, does boost workout performance consumed beforehand. 

What Are The Benefits Of Pre-Workout Supplement?

The idea behind consuming a pre-workout supplement is to gear up for a challenging workout to leave no stone unturned for an activity that chisels your physique, helps you enhance performance with boosted physical energy and improved mental acuity.

We at Source Of Supplements have carefully selected and presented to your customers such premium quality pre-workout supplements that have been researched and analysed on a bunch of workout metrics such as strength, power, endurance, delay in fatigue, and perception of effort.

  • Positive Effects On Mental Well-being

An excellent pre-workout supplement increases mental awareness by enhancing cognitive processes, including alertness, focus, reaction time, perception of energy, and positive vibes. A vigorous exerciser shall know that half of the success comes from how strong and determined your mind is — your body will listen to your mind whenever it is to assess its energy levels. 

  • They Aid In Improve Body Composition

Not only do bodybuilders but gym enthusiasts who aim to shed that flabby weight and get into a lean -mean shape swear by how long-term consumption of pre-workout, along with resistance training programmes, has led to a substantial increase in their lean muscle mass. For an amateur fitness enthusiast, a pre-workout could help lose more fat mass than the exercise alone.

  • Pre-workout Shall Boost Power

Activities such as skipping, sprinting, or any other training requiring sudden energy bursts can be provided with boosted power with a good pre-workout. A good quality pre-workout has been shown to increase the amount of distance covered in 25 seconds of maximal effort sprinting and has even demonstrated how the fatigue time was delayed in a rigorous workout. The time between two sets of a rep got shortened. Make sure that the pre-workout you take has ingredients fully disclosed with no substandard quality.

  • Pre-workout keeps you more vital for longer 

A good pre-workout with the essential seven ingredients does the groundwork for you when you are about to undergo or perform a resistance exercise. You will feel a change in your energy levels after a pre-workout as you shall be able to lift as heavy or complete as many reps on your last set as you did on your first. A premium quality pre-workout sourced by the source of supplements shall give you the much-needed edge to delay this muscular fatigue by allowing you to perform more reps before your muscles give out. All this happens because of one essential ingredient in every- pre-workout, and that is caffeine. 

  • It Enhances Endurance

The whole idea for taking a pre-workout is to enhance endurance and accentuate the energy level. After some studies, it has been revealed that promising results reflect the positive effects of pre-workout on endurance performance. 

A study was done to check differences in the performance of participants who took pre-workout with those who didn't take pre-workout before a treadmill exercise. It was observed that the participants who took the pre-workout ran 12.5% longer than those who didn't take the pre-workout. Therefore as figures don't lie, pre-workout supplements do enhance endurance. 

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How To Use Pre-Workout?

As the name suggests ' Pre-Workout', it should be consumed before hitting the gym and not after that once you reach there. The standard rule is that the gym-goer should take the recommended amount according to their body weight and feel the effects on the body in 30-45 minutes after consumption. The reason for taking it around 45 minutes before you hit the gym is because of the essential ingredient- Caffeine, and it is caffeine that takes approximately 30 minutes to reach peak levels in your blood.

Once you have decided to take on pre-workouts, then it is highly advisable to take them consistently for an extended period. It shall help the body store these essential ingredients like creatine and beta-alanine to build up and be stored in your muscles for a long time. A super quality pre-workout with premium quality ingredients shall give you the strength and power to last you three to six hours, which are enough to get you through a serious workout. 

The market is splurged with new products that almost make a grand entry for their debut in the world of fitness. One of the products that garner huge audiences and applause is pre-workout supplements. The vast number of supplements available has ensured that the customer may be confused about which one to buy but won't ever suffer a shortage of options to choose from. 

Before relying on pre-workout supplements for their various benefits:

  • Make sure to take the consultation of your doctor.
  • Browse through its reviews,
  • Define your fitness goals and, utmost important,&
  • Examine the product's ingredients

After all these checks and investigations, it is time to pay careful attention to how your body responds to pre-workout and how you feel during your workout. If all goes well and you feel fit as a fiddle with tons of energy to run your day, you may find that pre-workout can be a life-changing asset to your fitness routine. 

As we always say, as we feel good health is our passion, we as a team are highly motivated to provide our customers with genuine health supplements and carry the certificate of authenticity. Rely on Source Of Supplements- your trusted partner for good health.