5 Tips to Help Achieve Your Health Goals

Nurture. Nourish

Every new day being alive is an opportunity to thank God and be grateful for good health. Good health is not a gift from God or from the world around us, but it is a goal that requires effort every day from our own selves.

It is a goal, not a gift, and a goal requires persistent and consistent efforts to achieve better results. 

Working and sticking to your health goals is the best thing you can do for your mental, physical, and overall well-being. Add sunshine to your life, good nutrition to your food, and sprinkle your days with small joys of life with a smile, and you have a healthy glowing life. 

We want your coming year to be full of sound and robust health. One way to be consistent and regular in keeping your health a priority is by sticking to the goals set. Having a vision of where you want to go with your diet and exercise will help you stay on the path toward your goals.

So here are 5 Tips to Help Achieve Your Health Goals by being SHARP-

  • S-specific
  • H-honest
  • A-active
  • R-Real
  • P-promising

Why do you have to be SHARP when achieving goals? 

  • You have to be specific on your health goals and then plan accordingly to achieve the goals.
  • Do not lie about your current health status, and be honest with yourself when setting high health goals.
  • If your health goals do not include exercising/ any activity that makes you move regularly, then sorry, neither will the health goals be achieved, nor are they the right health goals.
  • Set realistic goals as per your health conditions & capability, not influenced by social media or peer groups. 
  • Stick to them- your health goals. Keep the promise of good health with you by not wavering your mind and indulging in lousy health activities.
Be SHARP and at the same time understand that when goals are set, they are set for the long term and if you do not achieve your desired results, then do not feel low about it, instead continue to rise and shine by being mindful of the following steps-

  • Be realistic & set goals accordingly-

All of us aim to have that lean look with chiseled abs, right? To build a physique that envies all, you go to slog real hard in the gym and change your food eating habits entirely. Thus take that much initially that your body's energy levels can match and gradually increase exercise frequency and intensity. Do not set a goal of having an hourglass figure but the purpose of having a healthier version of yourself.

  • Be patient and consistent-

Be it your health goals or any other professional/personal life, none can be achieved without being patient and consistent. To lead a healthy life, 

you have to manage weight, keep yourself from lifestyle diseases and take care of both your physical and mental well being. It requires you to be patient and remember not to get off the tracks when you realize that efforts are going in vain or your efforts are not giving you the desired results. 

Once in a blue moon, it is ok to skip your gym or go off the track by having a cheat day with hogging on doughnuts or sodas. But the point is not to lose your long-run focus on good health and fitness and hit back to your healthy habits at the earliest. The key is weight loss, weight management and overall wellness, which happens when you are patient with your results and consistent with your efforts. 

  • Set a routine-

The best habits are those which, after a while, are set in your daily routine. To make a habit that leads to a healthy one is challenging initially but with time and being persistent about it, it shall eventually make it become a part of your daily routine. The key to making a new habit a part of your routine is by being specific about its timing, place of occurrence and why you want to do it.

Let us understand it like this, for instance, in 2022, you plan to lose around 10kg by watching your diet and cycling. Now you have set the goal, understanding that the way to go is by cycling every day for 30 minutes. Now go a step further to achieve this cycling goal by setting the time when you will cycle (morning/evening, and if more specific you want to be, then add time frame too) and where you would cycle. These small steps will make this your habit and eventually fall right into your routine. 

  • Add friends and family to your goals-

A support group with the common aim of achieving robust health can do wonders by supporting each other. As they say, two is better than one, and it goes all the more apt when you are setting your weight goals. Include friends and family in your health plans and ensure that they encourage you to push harder and reach your health goals. You may do activities like hitting the gym, going for a run/jog together, sharing healthy mail recipes or just about any activity that doesn't let you derail from your track. 

  • Always choose healthy options and sleep well-

You have to love the healthy food choices you have opted for and try to experiment with them to build a loving bond with the food you take. Do not pick extreme food habits like binge eating on junk when sad or stressed or eating nothing for long hours to lose weight. These habits would negatively impact your well-being; thus, grabbing onto nutrient-rich foods like veggies, fruits, healthy fats, and quality meats is the best way to stick to your health goals. Do not eat dull and bland food. Look online, and you shall find excellent dishes and recipes to keep you hale and hearty along with a yummy taste.

You are the artist, and your health is your canvas. It is time you paint the canvas with bright colors reflecting your good health and well being with 2022, the year you continue to achieve and sustain your health goals.