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NOW Foods: Brand Details

NOW Foods is the answer if you're looking for high-quality health supplements and items at a reasonable price. NOW Foods has been a pioneer in the natural products sector since 1968. They're known for providing high-quality, natural goods that help people live healthier lives. More than 150 USDA certified organic and 450 Non-GMO project verified items are part of the brand's portfolio. To guarantee that NOW Foods goods have the least amount of environmental impact, they are packaged in environmentally friendly packaging.

Why choose NOW Foods?

Strict quality checks: NOW Foods' manufacturing facilities contain the newest high-tech in-house laboratories for testing raw materials, ingredient samples, and final products, resulting in a degree of quality control that is nearly unmatched in the natural goods business. The entire manufacturing and distribution system is built to ensure that product quality, efficacy, and safety are constant.

Certified Products: NOW Foods products are certified by the USFDA, Informed-Sport, and GMP. Underwriters Laboratories examines all dietary supplements for quality control and regulatory compliance. The organic goods are USDA Organic Certified and developed with natural wellness in mind.

Sustainable sourcing: NOW Foods' research and development team looks for methods to make their products more environmentally friendly by using responsibly sourced ingredients. For example, its krill oil comes from well-managed fisheries, ensuring that no harm is done to the ocean's environment. The palm oil used in NOW Foods is of excellent quality, sourced from more than 20-year-old plantations.

The best selling NOW Foods product

NOW Foods L-Arginine is one of the most popular supplements among fitness enthusiasts and athletes. It comes in the shape of capsules and contains 1000 mg of arginine per serving. L-Arginine from NOW Foods is ideal for improving blood circulation and increasing the synthesis of nitric oxide in the body. Bodybuilders and athletes may like to consume it prior to their training session in order to increase their stamina and endurance.

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