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About Fast & UP

Fast&Up: Brand Details

The Fast&Up brand arose from a desire to fuel and cater to the nutritional demands of Indian sportsmen. Fast&Up is well known for its unique and creative pills, which are manufactured with Swiss effervescent technology, the correct ingredients, and an unrivalled blend of amino acids to help with energy and recovery. Fast&Up has developed a number of medicines since its debut in 2015, each with a unique combination of faster outcomes and improved bioavailability. It wouldn't be an exaggeration to state that this brand has changed the way sports nutrition is delivered.

Why choose Fast&Up?

Innovative Formulas: Fast&Up recognizes the needs of athletes, and the complete product line is designed with them in mind by food scientists and experts. The characteristic effervescent tablets deliver adequate nutrition while being simple to transport and swallow. Fast&Up offers a complete line of vegan and plant-based goods that feature unique combinations of natural components and herb extracts that are free of artificial additives and fillers.

High-quality: Fast&Up nutrition is backed by research and clinical trials and is raw, natural, unprocessed, pure, and high-quality. FSSAI-approved and Informed Choice-certified items are available. They go through extensive testing and inspections to verify that the items are completely safe to eat and devoid of dangerous ingredients.

The best selling Fast&Up product

Sports athletes, bodybuilders, and fitness enthusiasts adore Fast & UP Plant Based B-12 + B Complex. It's also good for folks who want to enhance their immunity. Vitamin B-12 + B-complex promotes brain/nervous system functioning, red blood cell synthesis, energy production, and fatigue and lethargy reduction.