Bubble Up Nutrition

About Bubble Up Nutrition

Believers of "The Bubble of Joy" We are a team of believers and dreamers. We dream of a healthy, safe, caring and sustainable world for everyone, and the better part of us makes the right amount of effort to make our dreams a reality for the people of the world. Our product is supporting the BubbleUp Water Project - the foundation that is working towards providing safe and clean drinking water to the many underprivileged citizens and parts of India. Every sale has a contribution towards the project - so the joy of giving is bigger, wider and much more stronger. We, who have the luxury of a safe drinking water cannot begin to imagine how hard it is for women, children and malnourished people to just dream of having an abundance of healthy water at their disposal. In a world that wants more of what they wish, we're working towards a goal that provides people with more of what they need.