About Us

The Inception

Source Of Supplements  is a well-known name in bodybuilding and fitness Industry of the country. We are Authorised and recognised directly by all the Brands and there Importers. The brand envisions to solve the severe problem by serving as a unique center for sourcing exclusive fitness products and supplements for a fitness freak.

We Cater to all your fitness needs through our online channel across nation. Source of supplements works as your nutritionist, supplement/protein expert, and provider of all the necessary tools and products you need to stay fit.

100% Original Fitness Products

  • Proteins
  • Gainers  
  • Gym Gear
  • Vitamins & Health
  • Performance
  • Weight Management & Many More

Authenticity Guarantee

Source Of Supplements is the only online supplement store in India that can truly guarantee authenticity. In fact, we are so confident about it that we claim if any purchase is made by a customer and he/she does not get a bill on the spot then the product will be completely free and full refund will be made or the same product will be given for free. When purchasing from our website or our store, you never have to worry about getting a harmful substance and be 100% confident on what you get.

Our Speciality

  • You get all products delivered directly from us, without any middlemen or 3rd party sellers. Additionally, we are certified by all the brands or their official Indian supplement importers for authentic supplements This ensures that you always get an authentic supplement as the entire supply chain is controlled by us.
  • Customer satisfaction and happiness is our number 1 priority, we deliver this by ensuring a great user experience, fast delivery, and high-quality products.
  • Committed to providing you genuine products at price points that are fair and affordable by all. We often run a lot of freebie offers and give away products including samples, gym gloves, shakers, gym bags, t-shirts and more to keep customers satisfied.
  • A company run by young and enthusiastic people whose mission is to help India become a fitter and stronger nation and are committed to bringing quality products to support this cause.

So with us buy genuine and build real!

Our Story

We’re all a family that loves to be healthy and fit, but when it comes to supplements to support it, we found it hard to find a good and authentic place, with the right products and at the right price! The problem with all available online stores was that all options were a marketplace. This means that the website was not delivering the products but only acted as a platform where anyone can come and sell their products. This is not the best situation when you need to ensure 100% authenticity of products as the website selling these never know what the 3rd party seller is actually sending to the customer via their website. This is where we saw a huge problem to be solved.THE SOLUTION? A website that lists no 3rd party seller, no middlemen, fulfills and ships direct to the customer, get certified by all the brands for authentic products and is able to offer comfortable price points at the same time. Today, we have found huge success by solving this problem. We’re proud of it, and will continue to innovate and bring exciting products that help you become a better version of yourself. SOS Team

Our Founders

Junaid Kaliwala


India's IFBB PRO Athlete, Business Man , Certified Fitness Expert , Fitness Influencer Junaid Kaliwala had a vision of SOS since more then 10 years. His knowledge, experience, grounded nature and the hunger to learn makes him stand out in today’s competitive fitness world. “It is not a business for me as it is my passion to serve the society and is like giving back to society what it has given me in terms of fitness.” - JK



Co-Founder of SOS, is a young dynamic mind who wanted to ensure that all gym goers meet their health requirements without being a victim of fake products. His honesty and determination to work has made sure that every client as well as every partner is being taken care of.